Leptitox Review: An Overview

A newly developed product on the market, Lepitox, has been designed to aid in weight loss, specifically fat loss around the abdominal area. Over the years there have been thousands of products made that claim to reduce stomach fat and help you lose weight. However, despite these claims, these products are often ineffective and end up being a waste of money. Lepitox is different. There has been a lot of research and testing that has gone into the production of this product to support its fat-burning claims. 

According to the Lepitox sales page, this company claims that the excess body fat that is stored around your abdomen is due to a blood toxin that can easily be removed without the traditional modes of weight loss. As most people know, the most recommended ways to lose weight is through diet and exercise. There are plenty of diets out there including, but certainly not limited to Atkins, Paleo, Vegan, and many more. This sales page points out that what you have been taught about dieting is a lie and that this is the wrong approach to fat loss. 

In fact, on their sales page, they claim that diets don’t work because your body is genetically built to preserve body fat during what your body considers famine. So, when you are on a diet, you are eating less, and naturally, your body tries to preserve itself. Food deprivation is very strict diets can also lead to overeating or start a bing and restrict cycle, which limits fat loss. The sales site claims that 95% of diets end up failing in the long run. 

In addition to claiming that diets are a lie, the Lepitox sales page also claims that exercise for weight loss is also a lie. They claim that when one performs the exercise, their body secretes a stress hormone called cortisol. Long term elevated levels of cortisol can result in weight gain due to the effects of cortisol on the body. Lepitox claims that in a study, those who exercised more ended up eating more, which in turn diminished their respective weight loss goals. 

Due to the reasons listed above, Lepitox was developed to combat stubborn stomach fat without crazy diets or exercise regimens. According to the Lepitox sales page, Leptitox is made with 22 detoxifying nutrients meant to tackle leptin resistance to eliminate belly fat. They continue to claim that by tackling leptin resistance, you will be able to control your hunger and cravings to help reach your weight loss goals. This company feels so strongly about their product that they claim if you don’t see results within 60 days that you can get a full refund, guaranteed. Keep in mind, you will have to pay return shipping.